Thursday, December 24, 2009

just fell in love

we all know im a fan of good muzik, hell of a ll muzik, of muzik period.
Courtesy of "...Close to Spectacular/Fantastically Well..."i fell in love again.
Corinne Bailey Rae, is one of my "thats my shyt list" shoe in's. she is just so raw and graceful. she reminds me of my ace Aleesa. maybe its the hair lol. but she has a new song, "I'd Do it All Again". its blissful. favorite line? "someone to love is bigger than your prides worth, is bigger than your pain"
here's a few of my fav lines/lyrics
Lighthouse-Hope "i see the tide is comin', dont let it take you away from me...i know its your love that saved me. i was lost somehow drifting away"
Bring me Flowers-Hope "i havnt got a clue if youre the one, but i like you and i like how you make me feel"
Winter Song-Sara Barielles & Ingrid Michaelson "ill be the beacon in your night, my words will be the light to carry you to me. is love a lie?"
Like a Star- Corinne Bailey Rae
Jason Mraz- Im Yours "i wont hesistate no more, no more, it cannot wait im yours....its your God forsaken right to be loved."
The Script-Breakeven "i got time while she's got freedom. your best days will be some of my worse. while im wide awake she's got no trouble sleeping. what am i supposed to do when the best part of me was always you. youve got my heart and his heart and none of the blame. you took your suitcase, i took the blame. (that whole song is just good)"
Sara Barielles-Between the Lines "leave unsaid unspoke. eyes wide shut unopened. you and me were always between the lines"
Ingrid Michaelson-The Way I Am "cause i love the way you say good morning, and you take me the way i am. cause i love you more than i could ever promise. cause i love the way you call me baby." "I'll buy you rogaine when you lose all of your hair (shout out to The Bestfriend lol)"
Edge of Desire- John Mayer "there i said it im afraid youll forget about me"
Friends, Lovers, or Nothing-John Mayer "anything other than yes is no. anything other than stay is go. anything less than i love you is lying."
i could do this for hours, so let me stop now. i thought i had lost it but i guess im still hopelessly romantic.
and contrary to popular belief this collage of songs is not about anyone. i just love the song. kthanks.
OMG im sooo late!! BYE!
go find a love song and fall in love.

Happy Holiday!

well ello govna! (youll get it, keep trying)

Any who...hello there! Miss me?! I missed you more. Its bn about 2 wks since I showed some love so since I'm lying in bed bored and lonely, I figured it was time.
My life still sucks.
I'm so broke it hurts.
I was talking to my homegirl about relationships and she was all "where did we go wrong" blah blah blah and I realized-when does "it" happen?! When is that "that's it" limit get reached? When does the patience run out? When does the love run thin? Was it that time in the car? Was it the day he hung up? The day you didn't call back anymore? When does the switch get flipped and the good goes bad? and even then, is it lost forever or is it just so far gone we can't imagine the energy it would take to muster the enthusiasm to fight for them again? When does the "forever love" end? When does "what happened to us" happen?
Aleesa comes home in 2 days! Count 'em-2!! Do you have any idea the hell we are gonna raise?! The girls are all back and too ready to paint the town PINK!
Its lookin like no Columbus for New Years and that DEEPLY saddens my life! Like I could cry...fuck!
Oh, did I tell yall?! I'm an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman! Gotdammit Skee-Wee!
Its bittersweet tho, I've wanted this for so long but I hate the attention it came with. I'm really low key person, I know I know a lot of ppl but I'm not owt like that, I don't do and be and go to be seen like that. But now where ever I go I'm noticed, ppl speak, and I'm like huh?! Sorry to hit you wit tha stank face are? Greek life is not for the timid that's for damn sure.
So I did some catching up on other blogs today and this is all I have to say..."Bestfriend, I wish you would! Like I double dog dare yo punk ass to pull a stunt like that! Kthanks muffukka!" -mumbles under breath-
Ok I'm back...
Rather, with that...I'm gone.
Goodnight my loves,
X's and O's. Sweet dreams

Sunday, December 13, 2009


"there i just said it, im scared youll forget about me"
"dont say a word jus come over and lie here with me"
"i want you so bad, ill go back on the things i believe"
"boy youre so beautiful"
"thats why i strike first, and the first cuts deep"
"shade doesnt matter, heart makes the lover"
"youre part of me but im too afraid to show it"
"i wanta be the end of your day"
-fyi im just listening to my itunes and when i here something i like im jotting i down lol
"baby take off your cool, i wanta see you"
"it was many years ago, when you stole my cool"
"are we falling in love with our fears"

Saturday, December 12, 2009

first love-adele

'nough said.

baby take off your cool

you know why i love muzik....because it touches and reminds you of things, of feelings, of people. its like a timeless scent. one song can trigger the most vivid emotions, so trong that you have to stop and just vibe, eyes closed and feel. more times than not its the one thing that touches me during the day. and i HATE that Outkast-Take Off Your Cool is so short cause that little snipet, ugh, i takes me there but it just drops my ass off.

Monday, December 7, 2009

i am because you are.

i wanna say, i NEED to say: i love you. beyond words, without measure, you have made my days, my years, my life remarkable, worthwhile, and priceless. i pray for you because i dnt deserve you. you have been a blessing and gift to my existence. today and every day is of note because of what you give and bring to my life. im crying right now as im typing and i can hardly see, ive been so moved this evening by you. if the world ended right now i could smile and go knowing that my life had purpose and joy because of you. i dnt know why blessings are bestowed, i dnt know why He does the thing He does but i give all the glory and all the honor, the praise, the reverence to Him for you. your role in my life is irreplaceable and unremovable. if i didn't have you i don't know where i would be, who i would be, or what i would do.i simply am, because you are. and i wish i had more eloquent words, more depth, more meaning, but this is what i have:
ill go 12 rounds
to the moon and back
ill lie down my life
ill give you my all
ill pray
ill cry
ill try
ill give
ill care
ill listen
ill stay
ill do
ill be
I....I will love you, just to hear you say that you ever loved me.
i need you,
right here
right now
beside me.
you are my strength
my hope
my promise fulfilled
my guide
my comfort.
i said i never knew love...i was mistaken, because i know you. and you are my love.