Thursday, September 30, 2010

dang shawty! hell you bn?!

i know you missed you cause swettaBOB i missed yall too. sometimes when theres nothing happening theres nothing to say...but in this case truth be told its been WAAAAYYY to much happening to know where to start. this is gonna be real broken and speratic but i just need to say something/reiterate somethings.
thursday evening rambling....
i stepped off a cliff and fell flat on my face.
ive never snitched.
i think im over being single.
but i just cant settle.
i finally got some balls, and then got kicked 'em...shoulda kept my mouth shut.
some ppl say certain things when theyre jealous or really hurt just to get even...but that wasnt very nice and you know it wasnt.
im rapidly going poor...i need a job! im too hirable to be this unemployed!
uhm...brain fart
so my friend..."juice" lol remember him he's entering into a new love and i feel like this one has the potential to be real. as happy as i am...i think im a little jealous. i wantg him to be happy but i wanta know that happiness as well...(girl moment)
im becoming increasingly less trusting of ppl around me.
my friends are the only family ive had the pleasure to grow with, thats why i love them so, thats why i come no matter what, thats why i cant give up on you all.
im sorry.
i hope that you realize i meant what i said and it took me years to get to the point to admit it...

Monday, September 20, 2010

another GREAT year!!!

had to rush and get this in as its 17 min's before NATIONAL REGGIE T DAY is over.....

with that Happy BBBBEEEEEHHHHDAY BESTFRIEND! you gave me an amazing birthday, and i hope yours was something wonderful too!

love you Martin