Thursday, February 26, 2009

go black giirl!

so I met this girl in the forum the other night and she hands me a card. turns out she does nails! and I love to get my nails done. so today I'm spoiling myself with a new full set because no one loves me like me. but I pull up to the place on 16th and this place is so nice! its in the music row area of nashville and they took these adorable old houses and made them businesses! so its really chic and up scale. its a whole salon-a WHITE ppl salon! and she is in this hoe doin it!!! go black girl
xo loves entrepreneurs
(peep that good spelling lol)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

but i bet you aint gon hit her

if you know me then you'd know i do my best not to play games. I dnt have the time or energy to entertain mess. so let me say this:
everyone is walking around mad and sending petty little txts-CUT IT OUT. i wnt say im the type to go running to confront someone, that quickly gets mistaken for being a shit disturber and startin somethin, instead i tend to drop it. mostly to maintain the peace but a lot of the time i just dnt care to be mad. let me give you a snippet of the situation, an overview with code names:
ok so my homie..."Banana" was really good friends with a girl, they were hellafide close last yr like sisters, and yea things change, semesters pass, but if you were ever close there should always be a sense of respect. so her old friend "Milky Way" was talking to this guy..."Juice" he is such a good dude, a rare find these days. he's honest, handsome, thoughtful, and considerate. always open with his feelings and slick the kinda guy we all look for. so Juice and Milky Way are all boo'ed up spring '08 dan near in love and Milky Way introduces Juice to Banana. If youre meeting the might be important. So the yr ends they go their separate ways and this fall we all get back and now Banana and Juice are slick talkin, nothin serious. so who's wrong?
2 points of view-
Girl World/Woman Law- golden rule "friends dnt date their friend's exes." It does not matter when, the circumstances, etc its just not gon fly. if it was once your dick, its off limits to all others ESPECIALLY the homegirls.
Man Law/Nigga Logic- aint nobody married so whats it matter. one relationship ends, on to the next. especially if ppl arent as cool anymore, every one is up for grabs.
as a woman, i see why Milky Way is hott (slick had this same issue, another story for another blog) but Juice is doing everything in his power to assure that MW knows that there is no one for him but her, that he cares for her, that Banana was nothin serious. nothing ever happened and that it was a week of chit chat. Now mean while Milky Way is spending some QT with Juice's homie Pastor.
HOLD UP! i dnt think they heard you, XO...think about it pple.....EUREKA lookin ass nigga yes, theyre doing the same thing. so i hav a can i be mad if the same shyt im pullin' youve been pulling too?! ya.....i really cnt. now i understand MK might hav some hurt feelings but youve clearly hurt his too. ya go ahead and sing that shyt "youre just like me!"
ugh...all yall full of shyt... be mad if you want to but two wrongs dnt make it right.
My suggestion...everyone stop this damn shit talkin and grab them big hairy nuts everyone has when no one is around and have a pow wow and talk about this shyt. Juice is catchin a lot heat, being called a dog and just like every other nigga. thats not fair. all dudes arent the same. if you look hard enough youll find a similarity btwn everyone.
so i had to consult my boo Mr All American himself and of course he has the nigga logic mindset lol but he says that if MK is getting mad its because she clearly has strong feelings for Juice. and Juice seems like a cool dude to be handlin this as well as he is. we hav a strong dnt ask dnt tell policy. and if you should be so bold as to ask something, you damn sure better wanta know the answer. so dnt look all shook and rattled when a nigga keeps it one hundred. yes the stove is hott fool!
it really annoys me when girls claim to want a dude who is honest and upfront and when it shows up on a silver platter you actin like you didnt order that dish. now, is Banana wrong, in girl world...yes. in the game of things...she's clearly scoring all the points.
so until this all simmers down and yall niggas learn to speak and listen and stop all tis slick tlakin and behhind closed doors poppn off, ima stay out of it because if i say how i really felt, who's side im really on, some of yall gon be hott. xo doesnt have time for the games.

life lesson number 938748126489 trust no one. keep whats your's to yourself if you really wanta keep it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

i want

to not be the last thing thought of.
to be some one's everything.
to bring about a smile, some pleasant thought.
my cell phone back on.

i really could go on and on but i just got real bored with that. but being that my phone is off i am getting a chance to do some uninterrupted thinking. im listening to drake's new mixtape...hott shit. i love how muzik brings about thoughts depending on the message in the song and to spite what some will say, theres a message in every song.
i was recently introduced to Man Law in full. thusly, i decided that i would come up with Women Law. check it out on facebook.
i really wanta get this one thought outta my head. i did something the other day that i really regret, defnitely wasnt worth it. get your mind out the gutter.
myt brother's are really my favorite ppl. they always come thru in a clutch.
i ate a whole roll of girl scout cookies
thats all bad.
deja vu is such a good move.
i think ima burn a cd and take a drive...
idk whats on my mind, but i really cnt shake it.
where is the bestfriend? he is so absent!!! ugh
i hope a certain someone knows the really dropped the ball tonight-FUMBLE!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

like really tho...why me?

i swear i really try to be a good person, a good friend, a good girlfriend, all that jazz and i promise i always get taken for granted. i know everybody thinks theyre just awesome but really im not claiming to be anything special just that i bust my ass to be better in most aspects. so when im clearly breaking my neck to make one thing work, to be everywhere, and do everything why is that someone never seems to notice. as many times as ive said feeling really unappreciated. how are you gonna make the effort to come to town for someone elses event but not just for me?! you wnt seem me comin across this wide ass state for something else and slipping them in, no! i come for one reason! i know this probably makes no sense but it all just needs to come out.
i dnt give 2 fucks, i cnt, if you wnt.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009


for those who dnt know, we (the bestfriend and wal-p) we went to cincinnati for this bday party. it was straight, nothin spectacular mostly 'cause we didn't know them and nobody danced but still lemond drop drinks and beer pong it'll get you there, trust. but its saturday now, valentine's day and we're headed back. to nashville, the boys got plans, got dates and shit and I've decided to cop a nap, hit the gym, and go home, do some laundry, get some ice cream and watch the notebook lol all bad right? all these happy vday texts are blowin me. all these slow jams in the car are blowing me lol I got this one text tho and it read
"happy vday beautiful. even if you dnt get anything, even if you're alone he's still thinking of you as much as you are of him"
that was a good one. I hope its true. really tho I've said all I can say, I've called, I've tried, so ima leave the ball in your court, or in football terms, I've punted so ill let him return...

happy vday world, xo still loves you.

Friday, February 13, 2009

car ride

so me the infamous bestfriend and mr swagged up himself walt p are on the way to cincinnati to crank it for a bday party. anywho I'm reading blogs right and there's this one blog I follow I Run Thru Baby Mamas and this nigga posts some funny shit. obviously he airs his laundry for our enjoyment and trust its enjoyable and quite educational if you allow yourself to learn a thing or two ;-) lol but really I suggest it only to the most "open" of readers.

xo is a fan

Thursday, February 12, 2009

im sick

of cleaning
of whining
of making up
of breaking up
of lies
of explanations
of bitchass holidays
of never saying what I mean
of keeping secrets
of hoes
of you (there's way more ppl in that and not even the person you're probably thing)
of not sleeping
of bad dreams
of last minute shit
of this wack ass spanish class
of this dorm room
of being broke
of being mad
of being alone
of you not getting the one thing I want
of missing my daddy
of this bitchass water breaking my face out
of not meeting my potential
of cussing
of fake girls
of fake dudes
of people
of needing more hangers
of wanting space
of wanting your company
of this damn cd
of nashville
I'm sick as hell.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


(all of these you's are different ppl. so if "you" arent mentioned oh well or if "you" are dnt get mad)

think of you are you thinking of me
thinking of the things i want the things i need, but is in the someone i think
thinking that you failed today
thinkinking that i cried today
thinking you needed a good shake today
i was thinking i was thru over it and done
thinking got me stunk and im not sure where to turn
thinking of the good thinking of the bad
think in general has me terribly sad
thinking if where i am is where i wanta be
thinking of you are you thinking of me

so im clearly at a crossroads. you can say your over something, done, etc all day but its clearly not that easy, not after everything ive invested. i think- i know- where i wanta be and i think you have no idea how much you mean.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

thats how it is

so its like that?
you know how when you find out some wack ass news youre just like wow...its like that??
i dnt realy feel like summing up all this bullshyt, and i damn sure dnt feel liek crying so ima just say this, close the computer and walk away.
im better than this, because he's not good enough to me. i wnt say good enough for me b/c that sounds snobbish.
he really thought i wouldnt find out? as many ppl as know, as many homies as i have? you thought this one would slip on by...well i know and i think ive always known that it was in him. i just really hate to find out like this.
this is the second time maybe even more that he's made an ass out of me. i fargave it the first time but this time...not this time.
i really wanted to be that kind of girl that would be worth it to you, that would bring that other side out of you but i guess not, i see not.
i dnt know if im even mad, more hurt really, feelin played really. and im sure when i bring it to him, he'll say it was joke or somethin' but that shyt isnt funny.
cheating, someppl would say its like any kind of intimacy (kissing, hugging, etc) i feel like if youve gotten a little carried away at a party or somethin i could forgive that, atmosphere matters, but if youve sat around and texted and talked to ther bro. thats not gon fly. thats investing time and emotion, thats getting to know someone, thats giving my QT to someone else and i never give his QT to anyone.
im a dummy, ill admit b/c at times its true. to have thought that this was worht it, to hav turned down so many ppl-good ppl-trying to be better than that to him and i can never get the same back. stupid on my part for benching the squad when he was playin every sport on every team. im not her, this girl that waits on a dude, takes shyt from a dude, or any other of that bullshyt!
so ya, i got more important shyt to do.

buns of PHIL

so today I'm kickin with Reesey Pooh and Philly Phil-skip the intro PHIL MOONED ME!!!!
and it was so black!
omg I'm scarred for life

in so many words...

he may not hav realized it, as usual, but the things he says are really...hurtful, maybe even heartless.
being selfish-its one thing to want me to yourself, its an entirely different thing when you're selfish with me. I do so much for him and for him to be stingy towards me its like wtf?
I really doubt he's noticed but this all and some is really breaking my heart and pushing me away.
this is the one time, aside from my bday, that I would ask that most things be about me, with him very few things can be about me, and in return ill make certain "things" happen for him. but if he wants to act like that...ok, that's fine.
pissin' me the hell off- he ruined my day with that bullshit.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


metro nashville police are some party blockin jerk ass niggas!
oh and homegirl...the next time you make that stank ass face at me {{ima FIX IT! and straighten them TeEtH while im at it}}
watch my shoes too rathcet ass hoe.
toight was a bust but it was definitely a laugh with my homie k cantrell keepin the giggles on deck
my bestfriend wears live mechanics- yours doesnt. step your life up.

i guess im done, just thought i'd put that out there.
g'night my loves.


Saturday, February 7, 2009


guess I spoke too soon.


whats really good?!

I have a major problem...
I havnt won a game of solitaire all day!!
I'm about to get beligerent!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

bitches and flies

how do i despise.

aight let me rip it on the hoes. if you think you bout to come btwn me and my man, ima need you to take 2 steps back and revaluate yo entire life.
this is gonna be a lot in one. sit tight:
hoes aint shit.
it does not matter how long you and dude been kickin it, should one of yo home girls feel herself getin a little kool wit yo main, you hav the upmost responsibility to check him first of all, and thus put that hoe all of in her place.
if this same girl is textin you to see where you bn at-she is thusly checkin yo location to find time to get to yo dude. promptly cuss that hoe out.
when making time to discuss yo relationship with your significant other never-NEVER- send the "we need to talk" text. thats all bad.
niggas, be up front! yall all talk about keepin bullshyt 100, then do the same.
real women can discuss major issues and never lose her cool. be honest and forward but do not yell and point fingers. no rubberneckin'. no lip poppin. ghetto girls dnt maintain real men.
do not hang up on me. hanging up shows the least amount of respect amd courtesy. and be forreal, i aint calliin back.
nigga please.
there is nothing wrong with being alone.
when ending one relaionship take a break to regroup, and collect yourself before venturing into another relationship. you cnt offer yourself oo freely.
college dorm rooms are not made for kickin it. there's not enough seating for platonic relationships. opposite sexes need not be in the same room well into the night.
if youre hearing things about your dude and someone else from other ppl-big red flag. he's keepin secrets and thats no bueno.
in all things you do, trust your instincts. trust your senses. trust your God.
i aint got time to run down life for yall silly hoes 'cause me and mine... are just fine.

xo hates these hoes.

ill be back 'cause hoes dnt learn.

another hard lesson

apparently, clearly rather, not everyone was raised with the same morals, considerations, or coutesies that I was. much at my expanse I hav to tolerate others rude and inconsiderate behavior.
you cnt help someone who doesn't want to be help, but dnt get mad at me when everyone is thinking negatively of you. I tried to let you know.
I hav certaim standards when it comes to friends and dating. I pick ppl like my grandmother selects fresh fruit. some ppl just grab the pre bagged fruits and toss them in the cart. not a good choice.
I'm really pissed off. all I wanta do is go to bed! ugh, this is so messed up.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a mommy moment

so i was dribing thru the little bellevue strip mall and as im passing target i see this white lady pushing this cart with hotty of a little boi in it. just a doll: brown curly hair with these great green eyes and she's a burnette too, great cut about 5'9 i'd say and she's got this cart with one hand and sipping her starbucks with the other and as she passes infront of me i see...she's prego! and she was fresh! so was the little boy in his peacoat! so ive decided ima be hott mom just like her!
just thought i'd let ya know
xo lol


i cnt f'in sleep and that is so bogus because im an advit sleeper! im like professional league, olympic bound sleepr matrial and right now as li lie wide awake with absolute nothing on my mind im pissed the hell off becaus ei wanta go to sleep! like wtf!? i know ive already decided to cut class tomorrow but i still need my rest...ugh my body is buggin!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i swear trhe littlest of things can mean more than anyone could ever know. caling to say hey...will definitely make my day. congrats mr all american youre number 1 for another day lol

Monday, February 2, 2009


so one of my lil' play sisters recently broke up with her booskie. and i was being the nosey big sis and looking thru her phone and i read all these texts from him, old obviously, saying how happy he is that he met her, and how much she's brought to her life, and that in 3-4 years if theyre still together which he prays they are that he'll marry her. and in the midsts of all my hopeless romance i find mysef thinking that nigga dnt mean that shyt! and then i was just like whoa! bitter, maya? ya i think i am, maybe even much as i care for him i really need to hear those kind of things. we've always had a love hate relationship, and maybe its my faut for never requesting that kind of honesty. i know i can say all that and i know he can too, but it always comes as a last resort. he got me back with that honesty, showing his true feelings, letting me know i matter, but i dnt get that now and with us 100's of miles apart every day i need to know that i mean something, that this-whatever we're calling it-that it's worth the widespread lands and mountains. once again, im just feeling like im in it on my own...

xo, i guess

like forreal bruh

"extra" is defined as doing too much, being over the top, ridiculous, lavish, exaggerated. its a bad thing to be "extra" it just means that level of doing it, ya youve exceeded it to the max!
extra for you, is an understatement.