Wednesday, October 27, 2010

have a giggle on me!


me and my love songs...

here's a few of my current and latest love songs...each one come at a different angle so its not just sappy bs lol

love this Keri Hilson joint. ill send this one out to my Little. sometimes you gotta say enough was too much kiddo.

now this one is just TOO catchy! i loved it the first time i saw it! makes you just feel pretty. hope someone feels this way about me =)

good make up and break up action...never miss the water til the world runs dry. hope you learn to appreciate the good things in your life so you never have to miss them more than "see ya when you get back" this one gets super glued in my head makes you wanna bust out in song in class. shoutout to j. cole for puttin out some good music. this one is for the silly bastards i call my ex's lol

for all the hood lovers lol soulja boy got my vote for this track tho, the chorus is cute.

My nigga the artistry the combo of hard and soft the talent ugh, i cant say enough RUNAWAY. this one is for my dudes who know their jerks. better to know and admit it than to lie and hurt us.

MY FAV!! really proud of Nicki for this one, showing some great versatility. puttin on for the ladies, good job Barbie. this one is for those closest to me...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do you remember...

"Thursday morning rambling"
I have that same professor again but this time I'm here at 5 pm....dagger. Idk why but when I sit in courses like this one my mind takes off like crazy...
Lately there have been several events, different people, and small catalyst that have ignited something in me. The only one I'll share is this... I picked up my ex from the airport last week. He called from a pay phone at his layover and says he left his phone on the last flight and asks me to get him...of course me being the sweetheart I am, agree. Next scene. At the airport I have to park cause I have no way to call him, of course I look great (never be seen by an ex looking anything but your best) so as soon as I walk in I get hit with a strong dejavu. This isnt the first time was a loving gf all smiles to get her love from visiting his family. I see him from a far grabbing his bags and for the first time in a long time I missed him, I smiled. Keep in mind my ex is fine, baby boy is bad...smh, bites he walks up,wraps me up and breathes me in like he missed me more than he can begin to say. Next scene. So we're driving out the airport and he says "you got a hour or 2 for me" (stop being nasty lol) he wanted to go eat. Ok, I say all that to say this...he appreciates me. He adored me when we were together and he's remained loyal and true after we called it quits. It was what I needed. I needed to be reminded of my worth and looked at like I'm precious.
I di my best to take something from anyone I deal with, to learn something about myself, and apply a lesson to my life. Randi taught me I'm special that I embody the characteristics that men love in good women. It's not that I ever doubted my love but as a woman...I need to hear it. I heard it last week, thank you.
If you're reading this I hope you encounter someone that gives your life meaning. Maybe we weren't in love, maybe we were just giddy kids telling secrets under the moon at the lake and entertaining ideas of real love. I knew we weren't going to be forever, he's too bad, too thug. I loved his detroit accent and those timberlands and fitted caps. Oohh and all thise tattoos....damn. But his love and his commitment is priceless. He was confirmation of worth, my gentle beast. I never want a be a trophy, they seem empty and all looks to me, but he showcased me proudly, not like look what I pulled but a physical reminder that he was better than where he was, that he could be more than what he's been. If I ever I had a chance at love he would be it. Unconditional, no make-up, no money, real happiness, that was the year I grew the most, learned the most, and fell the deepest.
I say all that to say this...I am special. Some times you have to tell yourself because the person you may wanna hear it from hasn't noticed yet. Think highly of yourself , not overly prideful but high enough to know you deserve the best that life has to offer.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

since im CLEARLY not sleeping

ill give you my top rated...

Flight Facilities- Crave You
Tegan and Sara- This is Everything
" ": Call it Off
" ": The Con
Lauryn Hill: iGotta Find Peace of Mind
Bilal: Think it Over
Jennifer Chung: Almost
Jordin Sparks: Next to You
Kate Nash: Mouthwash
" ": Navy Taxi

look beyond the titles and the mix of genres explore the lyrics theyre all really beautiful songs

insomnia CRAZE!!

while today is still today, choose well...if it cant down this way, rebel.

theres always a song

and this one here something like PERFECT!

when it doubt...sing it out. all the things i could never say always seem to be in a random song. found this one while brosing my youtube subscriptions...OnDeck is one of my fav youtube-er's she always has great ecclectic music that never fails to say what i cant seem to muster in myself or mold my lips to there ya go. enjoy!

excuse me while i be a girl...

i dont like categories but if this makes me "a girl" hell im as girl as i come! i want attention! i wanna be that girl that makes the world go round for someone. ive never been a jealous person and i still stand by that but i REALLY dont like to share. it has nothing to do with insecurities, im very sure and confident in myself but there's something extremely rude in dividing attention that i want for myself. that sounds spoiled as hell but fuck it it is what it is and theres just somethings im not down to share.
next. i have a handful of little sisters, a select few and i hold them very dear to my heart and that being said, they may not read this but hopefully i remember to tell them, youre wonderful...never let anyone sell you short. wait for no man. do as i say not a do obviously but guard your heart if youre not sure dont put your love on the table, it just makes a mess. its tru you cant help who you love, not necessarily in love b/c i cant speak on that, but what you can control is how far you let your love go. maintain a limit or youll be 5 years down the road still clinging to a moment that you probably hyped up in your hopes for a spark. when its real you'll know. this one is for you "little one" he's not ready. he's not sure. what you have shared thus far is as real as the day is long but just like the day ends so does the moment and when you leave, he goes back to her. some ppl cant let go of the familiar, some ppl want so badly to have back what they had when things first started but nothing stays the same and you can never change someone else. if ppl arent a good fit they cant be forced. its like a puzle, smash the pieces where you want them to go and the picture never takes shape...give them time let, them fall where theyre meant and youll get whats supposed to be. time...time is what this takes. we're young, theres time.
i have 2 whole tears in the plans always fall through so fuck it. i take what i get, hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. im an optomist, a hopeless romantic, and grounded. never let yourself float away into the dreams that wont be reality. dont play yourself. if he wants you, he'll say so. if he doesnt he'll say shyt like "been knew that." #dagger. i dont speak fluent boy but i do speak english and that sounds a lot like "oh, ya i figured that but i dont feel the same." happens to the best i guess.