Saturday, August 28, 2010

dont LIE to me.

theres not much else that needs to be said after that but in recent convo with good friends its become apparent that some ppl are liars! if you know me you'd know i cant lie partially because i cant but mostly because i dont see the point. im not dumb dont play me. keep up and youre cut.

dreadhead shawty!

so i said i wanted 'em. ive been infatuated with them so dammit i did it.

if i dont do anything else i damn sho keep my word!

Friday, August 20, 2010

like NO WAY

is that...omg it is! so i guess then...damn I am! i think im getting sick! probably form the close quarters of corporate america and their ice cold office spaces! FML i dont have time to be sick!
fyi, i no longer work there so maybe i can shake this bug with a good day of rest. hoes got jealous i was beastin that hoe, tried to pinch me out...fuck yall i gotta go back to skool anyway. i never knew grown women could be so caddy, petty, and envious of and towards a young adult such as myself. dont be mad i slaughtered that job, im young i know computers like yo old ass knows woodstock! jealousy is so not a good look...get over it.

Monday, August 9, 2010

its doesnt have to be a war!

so by now we all know ive decided to get dreaded up! and to those few ive actually told ive received very polar responses. all my Happy Nappy friends Doodle MaryJane RikaMyLove CourtneyTheBody TayTooFancyHuh and of course AleesaFace are all like welcome to the Nappy Side and i love them for their support. while others have been like YOURE GONNA DO WHAT?! OMG THAT SO NOT YOU! SO NOT CUTE! well you select few must KNOW me as well as you THOUGHT you did cause ive always wanted Locks.
now let me be not all on this go green, embrace the roots natural kick, it really makes me no difference this is a change ive wanted for me! not necessarily the emancipation of the enslavement of perm its by no means that radical. if Locks was a processed style id still do it!
but while i was reading one of Jah's posts where she interview a natural girl a question was posed on her thoughts on the statement "natural isnt for everyone" guess i could go click and look but Harajukku is dying and im in a rush. but the girl in turn responds with...
I kind of have to agree....its not about beauty but some ppl dont want natural hair there for its not it isnt for you. theres nothing wrong with straight hair. It's when ppl begin to tear one another down for having the hair they have, thats when i get upset!
Somebody give this girl a cookie! thank you! theres nothing that makes me madder (not a word) than #TeamNatural knockin #TeamCreamyCrack thats just some ppl's swag. just be cause ur natural doesnt make u more Black! just because ur sew-in doesnt give you more swag. beauty isnt skin deep.long hair dont care doesnt only apply to natural hair. if you workin yo Yaki bitch work it, if you killin the game with your fro ill arrange the funeral. do you! stop knockin other ppl. as for me, i cant do the big chop! call me vain or whatever else its just not me. now when i show up dreaded up dont look at me like i betrayed my hoe! i stayed tru to me.

i just fell in LOVE!

like im forreal this time. i know im hopeless. but really im in LOVE! and i couldnt be happier because he'll never reject me bc more than likely he'll never know me lol i was browsing thru a few of my fav blogs and came to Jah aka Rachel Beau's spot and met Bilal. ive heard him before but theres a song up on her page by him called "think it over"...its on REPLAY as we read. im so in love! i cant really relate but its simply beautiful...-deep pensive thought-
i wish you could marry a song. maybe thats y i love music, because itll never reject me. never tell me "i dont like that dress" never say "we're thru" as long as it keep playing we can keep loving and every time i hum the lyrics its like a first kiss with all the excitement and sweetness. maybe music is better men because while i may never hear what i wanna hear from some guy, never get what i think i deserve from him, maybe he wont call or stand me up...i can guarantee that ill get exactly the same thing every time i push play.
i think ill start saying that to guys when they hit on me "hey sweetheart let me holla at ya" "put your best love on a track so i can play it back cause i dont want your disappointment you cant keep that"

favorite lyrics "you know ill always have a thing for you, and if i deny it id be lying to myself."
"ill always have a whole in my heart, ill always have a special place for you ya. and ill keep it safe for you. if you just, just wait for me. just wait and see, i aint goin no where. ill always have a place..."

Monday, August 2, 2010

the wind dreads swing

ive been gone a while, busy, tryna make it. but im back! and im doing this post with a fact about Yours Truly! I LOVE DREADS! i always have, i think they are just so pretty when theyre nice and small and neat.
now i know im a warrior for the creamy crack and im honestly not at all on this GoGreenNatural kick but i do sincerely want dreads. not for the natural positivity but more so for the ecentric beauty of them. needless to say im entertaining the idea of locking my hair. but we all know im not up for the BIG CHOP/START FROM SCRATCH nothing against those who had the courage to go for it, its just not a good look for me so i did a little research and found dread ive had twists before and i used to think i looked childhish but its all in styling. anywho, when i had twists after an inch of new growth my hair would begin to lock on its own, therefore i know my hair can handle it its just a matter of the first step...
being that my hair is naturally like sheeps ass (strong tight coils, but still soft) ive always had a perm to manage this mane! when consistently done my hair does well with a perm but with out out/in twists my hair grows likie a weed! in all actuality, dreads dont have to be perminent but i know if i do this ill love 'em and be married to the naps!
ive rambled enough...i need your help! leave out your bias on chemicals and processed hair and tell me which style you like best on me, what suits my personality ya kno. im posting pics of me with twists so you can get a general idea of me with locks as i would probably try to keep them crinkled i just think its more feminine and cutesy and also pics of how i wear my hair now.