Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Master Cleanse my soul!

so im doing the master cleanse right and its quite the ordeal. you drink nothing but the lemonade all damn day. of course my litttle fat ass couldnt do that so i eat something cause im quickly prone to headaches. i eat small and very light once a day. since the diet lacks protein i eat egg whites, peanuts, and cheese. not together but i try to much one at some point. hopefully those good fats and proteins will pay off.
i STILL havent been to the bathroom. and for someone who is like clock work im all types of pissed! LITERALLY! all i do is PISS! im slick scared that when i do make the doo...its gonna be some kind of awful but i really feel some kind of way about this involuntary clog ive got now! ugh!
im not going to be too optomistic and hope i lose like 20 pounds but i do wanta kick start a much healthier diet and more fit physique.
i think ima train like a ball player again. that running and conditioning really works. so ima be in somebody's gym working out again. im not too much for the weights so im really only hittling the gym gym for my upperbody. i can run to flatten and tone.
im excited tho!! this is 3 and im doing pretty good, ill admit ive been tired like today i took a nap around 430/5 and woke up at 9....all bad. i missed two drinks while i was out. but tomorrow ima take a run and see how i feel, hopefully it kick starts my metabolism and energy levels!
ill keep you posted.
im out this thang, bout to go skee phi it up nshit

Sunday, May 9, 2010

lose myself in love, thats just the way it is...

so yes the rumors are true (echo true true true) Lauryn is BIZZACK. ive been sitting here simply antsy to hear this track....spent a few minutes to think on the title and dream of what this was gonna be....i was thinking a Loss of Self after being gone for so long and now she's back. i knew it was gonna have some love somewhere in it....ok, the rundown...
Beat/Engineering- its more poppy, techno than the Lauryn i love but its an interesting composition. definitely not a head knodder...more of the beat the steering wheel, tap your thumb joint
Vocals- same raspy runs and heartfelt pitch but she rides this beat awkwardly in parts. like i see where she's going but at times it like a live performance and she's tired she's holding parts for rest and skipping syllables to keep up or something. she just doesnt ride it like i woulda hoped.
Overall- its a B. im super stoked she's back and ill definitely be singing this doing dishes nshit slowed down the way the lyrics seem to be calling to be...but thats just for my own enjoyment and release.
i really cant complain...ive been missing her like crazy so now thats its here, ya ima take whatever she gives. truth be told i wasnt riding to Erykah too had to grow on me and im still track selective but the artistry....-sigh-.... phenomenal - both these hoes got my Fan Card!