Monday, July 12, 2010

summer boots

so i have taken a recent liking to summer boots and subtly hidden heels.
on my recent trip to Columbus i fell head over heels, skinned my knee, and cried for these Aldo purple, peep-toe, back tie, linen wedges.

pretty cute huh! i think i like 'em so much cause they're just soooo different! i havent seen anything quite like it, therefore i must have it!
ugh, and these tan boots folded boots came in a close second. they come up to just under or at mid shin. great linen fabric again but its such a light color id cry tears of fury to see them get dirty!

nonetheless they are quite regal, timeless in their simplistic design. no studs, no rhinestones, just a small accent snap and strap on the bag. such small and classic touches...they speak to my inner fashionable heart.

hope you like...if not, kick rocks no socks and i hope the thong breaks in your 2 for 5 flip flops and you fall and rip your baby phat jeans and skin your chin!


so i want a dog, like its a Serious Matter (no AKA). i have a void a longing for companionship and its in the 4 legged variety! a little puppy dog name Agnus! i just have to have her! ugh! i cant stand the loneliness!! -whistles- aaagggnnnuuusss......-puppy comes panting with joy!-

in a convo with my LS about my loneliness she say you need a man. i reply "fuck that, ill take a dog. it doesnt talk, i can train it, it wont even ask where ive been just happy i came home!"
now thats love!