Saturday, May 21, 2011

if it all ends today

so as we all know theyve made an ubsurd prediction that the Christ will return today at 6:00pm...well being that He is the Alpha and Omega...will He come at 6:06 or 6:11?? im just wondering. now before i get all sentimental let me snap first.
NO ONE WILL KNOW THE DAY OF CHRISTS RETURN, NOT THE DAY THE HOUR THE SEASON. why?! because the point is to live a good life, one worth inheriting the Kingdom without a deadline or due date for the end.
people everywhere are all uber religious today, taking comfort in the same anchor that was ALWAYS THERE! but now someone tells you its all gonna end and you wanna come running home?! thats FAKE if youve ever had faith, ever prayed, then simply maintain. ive found in my walk that He just wants effort, genuine effort. He knew i would fail, tatt my body, and whatever else ive done but ive maintained a relationship, at least ive tried. ive kept the faith. dont try and slap me with the word now if you never praised my God before. but then again maybe thats the point....maybe He has allowed this panic and fear so that those of you who dont know Him will finally seek Him. maybe this is a wake up call that the end will come at some point but in the mean time you better get know Him and praise Him for all things.
now...let me break down. the first few times i heard this prediction i combatted with the Word- no one knows when He will return. then i hit it with logic- who said this? who is this guy? what else did he predict? but now that its today 3.5 hours from a little antzy...i cant lie.
so here goes...
i am sorry, for any wrong to anyone i have committed. remove the malice from my heart.
i have loved. a genuine and sincere concern for other people. they have been the source of great joy. and i hope they know the impact they have had on my life. and i thank you.
i tried. maybe i dont always succeed or excel at everything but i have given the effort to do good and be good; using the talents i was given for good.
have i fallen short? daily.
ya i have tattoos
ive had sex
i swear
i recently found that i have committed a sin in the thought of someone...i.e. lust. i was dang, we all losin' on that one.
they say no sin is greater than another but i find it hard to believe that rape and murder dont outweigh tattoos and sex. but if they do, forgive me.
i think ive had a pretty good life, fun times, good if today is the day i wont dare ask for an extension...forever with You seems pretty awesome.
i thought about saying all those things i should have said but if its not over tonight then ill look like a fool but if it is then maybe it was never meant to be said.
i love you. see ya on the other side??

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

when i say this is the cutest thing ever i mean EVER!

Otters hold hands when they sl;eep so they dont drift apart...aaaawwww

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sometimes men say it best


i find as women we're often trying to find some prolific way to say the obvious and courtesy of he's said it best.


-throws up hands-

im sick of bitching. i feel like my entire blog, which was intended to be an outlet of creative expression, has turned to a sappy ass diary about the BKS (best kept secret) but apparently ive been fooling myself about that. all i do is annoying and give advice i cant bring myself to live by. im reclaiming ...It Could All Be So Simple... im taking it back to the light hearted matter of fact chronicles of my life. every day is not bad, in all actuality most of my days are great! i shoulda bn dead years ago, i refuse to kill my own damn joy daily. i wanna be happy, i wanna write happiness, giving you all my no more whiney Maya-I'm back. no censorship, no sympathy. of course ill have my days but this blog was supposed to be for me, about me ALL of me, but its just become so one look if something comes up that you want me to discuss, if you need advice, whatever shoot me an email and ill shout it out.
you have to let go to move forward. you have to forgive to forget, and you have to laugh to truly live. i wish you happy feelings.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010