Tuesday, November 9, 2010

-throws up hands-

im sick of bitching. i feel like my entire blog, which was intended to be an outlet of creative expression, has turned to a sappy ass diary about the BKS (best kept secret) but apparently ive been fooling myself about that. all i do is whine...so annoying and give advice i cant bring myself to live by. im reclaiming ...It Could All Be So Simple... im taking it back to the light hearted matter of fact chronicles of my life. every day is not bad, in all actuality most of my days are great! i shoulda bn dead years ago, i refuse to kill my own damn joy daily. i wanna be happy, i wanna write happiness, giving you all my happiness...so no more whiney Maya-I'm back. no censorship, no sympathy. of course ill have my days but this blog was supposed to be for me, about me ALL of me, but its just become so one dimensional....so look if something comes up that you want me to discuss, if you need advice, whatever shoot me an email mayamatt07@yahoo.com and ill shout it out.
you have to let go to move forward. you have to forgive to forget, and you have to laugh to truly live. i wish you happy feelings.

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